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In violation of human rights.(Abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean): An article from: Women's Health Journal 
Year: 2010 
The right to live without violence : women's proposals and action 
Year: 1996 
Women's health collection 
Year: 1996 
Women's human rights, unfinished business 
Year: 2003 
Women, sexualities, rights : utopia within our grasp 
Year: 2000 
Your Body, Your Life, Your Choice 
Year: 2006 
UN conferences: International debate, local impact (reference material) 
Year: 2006 
Exercising Rights, Building Citizenship 
Year: 2005 
Know Your Rights, Defend Your Rights (reference material) 
Year: 2005 
Autonomous Decisions, Sovereign Lives: Women's right to safe, legal abortion 
Year: 2004